Wildfire Protection Notice

As the fire season is here, the Club Estates Board would remind homeowners to take all reasonable precautions to reduce the spread of fire including maintenance and clearance of required open space.  In addition, please remember to provide at least a 13.5 foot clearance under trees that overhang the streets to aid fire response vehicles.
We also bring to your attention the policy of the Ventura County Fire Department (“VCFD”) entitled “Application of Mulch and Chips in Defensible Space.”  This policy significantly restricts, and in some instances, prohibits the use of mulch and wood-based chips near structures.  A copy of this policy will be posted on the community website, nrcce.net, under the heading “Notices to Community.”
To further assist, we are also posting a copy of the VCFD brochure, “Wildfire Property Assessment -  How to Better Protect your Home and Property.”
It is only a matter of time before our community is again threatened by fire.
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