Board of Directors/Committees



Jill Pfannkuch, President

Bob Altemus, Vice President

Nora Sahagian, Treasurer

David Melito, Director

Eric Anders, Director

Bill Waesche, Director

Ron Wilton, Director


Landscape Committee:  Chair - Dave Melito,  Nora Sahagian

Architectural Committee:   Chair - Ron Wilton, Robert Altemus,  Nora Sahagian, Don Smith,  Jill Pfannkuch

Streets/Gates Committee: Chair-Bob Altemus, Greg Pond,  Bob Pfannkuch, Ron Wilton, Bill Waesche

Finance Committee:  Chair- Jill Pfannkuch

Emergency Preparedness Committee:  Chair - Bill Waesche, Ron Wilton, Brad Drummond


Kathy O'Connor, The Emmons Company


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